A,P&P CPD Refresher Series 2016

How long is it since you qualified?

How much of your A,P&P can you remember? Possibly not as much as you might of hoped…

Do you want the opportunity to brush up a bit?

If so, we invite you to join us during the 2016 Diploma Course on our A,P&P days.

There are seven sessions, dates below. Each day runs from 9am to 5pm

  1. Saturday 20th February          musculo-skeletal system part 1 (bones)
  2. Saturday 12th March               musculo-skeletal system part 2 (muscles)
  3. Saturday 9th April                    nervous systems
  4. Saturday 7th May                     cardio-respiratory system
  5. Saturday 2nd July                     digestive & integumentary systems
  6. Saturday 23rd July                    endocrine, immune & lymphatic systems
  7. Sunday 24th July                       urinary & reproductive systems

The cost is £65 per day. If you would like to attend, please complete the booking form below

Each Refresher Day is worth 7 CPD points

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    Musculo-skeletal System Part 1 - bones: - 20th February
    Musculo-skeletal System Part 2 - muscles: - 12th March
    Nervous Systems: - 9th April
    Cardio-Respiratory System: - 7th May
    Digestive & Integumentary Systems: - 2nd July
    Endocrine, Immune & Lymphatic Systems: - 23rd July
    Urinary & Reproductive Systems: - 24th July

    How do you wish to pay?
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