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The government has finally heard us and given us our own category – Sports and Massage Therapy. However, they have NOT given us the green light to return to work. We don’t fully understand the reason, it has not been made clear, as other groups – such as osteopaths and physiotherapists, are back to work – or never stopped.

So we are busy lobbying payment via our MP’s to help reverse this decision. It is a slow process, but is gathering momentum. If you haven’t yet written to your MP, then please do. The more voices out there, the better.

We wish to be given the rightful status of “healthcare professional” and be recognised as “key workers”, working with soft tissue and managing pain – and therefore entirely suitable to return to work.

In preparation to return to work there will need to be a number of changes in the way you work. Essentially we are aiming to protect our clients – and protect ourselves. As the virus has a long incubation period and presents with a variety of symptoms, we can but trust each other and do as much to ensure when in contact we can’t/don’t infect each other…that means working on the assumption that one of has it, and therefore ensuring we don’t pass it on

The GCMTGeneral Council for Soft Tissue Therapies – has created two important documents to help you prepare to return to work.

The first is a series of recommended guidelines. There is a lot of info, as it is very thorough – but enjoy reading it and becoming familiar with what you are about to do.

The second is a Resource Pack. A selection of example documents to support you when you go back to work.

And finally, the GCMT recommends you watch this video. It is quite lengthy – but it gives you moment by moment advice on how to turn your practice room into a safe environment. There are other videos – but this is by far the best.

If you have any questions or queries, do please call or email. More than happy to talk any of this through.


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