About Hands-On Training

Hands-on Training is a specialist massage therapy school, founded by Earle Abrahamson and Jennie Parke Matheson, built on the principles and ethos of providing excellent teaching and an exceptional learning experience for all students.

At Hands-on Training we promote and support the massage practitioner by creating opportunities to develop new and different skills, and then apply these skills in real working and event situations.

Hands-On Training focusses on learning through doing and uses an interactive approach to engage student therapists with therapy learning and professional development.

Hands-On Training is unique in its approach and brings wide experience into the student workplace so they can benefit from a community of practice and learning.

Hands-On Training is an accredited member of The Massage Training Institute (MTI) – one of only 14 in the UK.

Hands-On Training offers a range of professional programmes including:
The Level 4 MTI accredited Diploma Course in Holistic Deep Tissue Massage
The Level 5 MTI accredited Sports & Performance Diploma Course

To further facilitate student development, Hands-On Training regularly helps provide work experience at major events as well as supporting student teacher development through its Hands-On learning programme.

This programme offers a mentorship opportunity to aspiring graduates who wish to consider teaching as a career option.

Hands-On Training is proud of its philosophy of active engagement and works with therapists to understand and navigate barriers in learning and practice. Through Hands-On Training, therapists not only reflect on their own development but learn to recognise gaps in their practice and develop new and different working techniques. Our professional network offers opportunities for therapists to reach out and learn with and from each other. Hands-On Training is unique in its approach and brings experience into the workplace so that therapists benefit from a community of practice and learning.

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