Jen Wren

Jenni WrenJen Wren is a professional dance artist and physical therapist. Working from a base in Leeds (UK), Jen offers a refined physical therapy practice which includes advanced hands on techniques in musculoskeletal and soft tissue manipulation, neuro-kinetic therapy, kinesiology therapeutic taping, manual therapy and structural re-balancing with a strong interest in anatomy lines and fascial release. 

She is a member of the FHT, MTI, CNHC, NKT, Ergasia PT, a lecturer for Hands-on-Training, The Massage Training Institute and certified Pro-Taper and Instructor (Kinesiology Therapeutic Tape).  Jen has studied, trained and undertaken clinical internships with an array of renowned international physical practitioners including Joe McCaleb (USA), Earle Abrahamson (UK), Jean Denny (UK), Action Potential (USA), The Impact group (USA/Canada) and David Weinstock (USA).

Having experienced and overcome complex injury herself as a dancer, Jen calls herself a “body geek”.  She has studied the mechanics of dance and the body depth specialising in injury management, prevention, diagnostics, treatment and rehabilitation techniques.  

Jen deals with all bodies to great effect and is celebrated by a client base which includes world class dancers from within companies such as: Ballet Society of Colorado Springs, Phoenix Dance Theatre, English National Ballet, Kerry Nicholls PMP and NSCD.  

She has worked with and treated international competing athletes from The American Distance Project and at international sporting events such The London Marathon, San Francisco Marathon, World Lacross Championships and the World Championship Triathlon.

Jen presents the Hands-On workshop “Introducing Massage for Dancers & Athletes“.

Jen Wren… an amazing practitioner and healer, a witch.  Her knowledge and insight is so detailed that your own understanding of the body and personal injury becomes really clear.  There is no dead end or nothing to be done!  She quickly identifies the issue, corrects and advises in an astonishing manner.  Jen is always learning which means I am too – each time I see her, she has some other tool in her kit, allowing us to identify and correct, fine tune the function and ability of my dancers body. Sessions with Jen are unique, individual and effective. Positivity streams out of her and passion, expertise and skill, care and generosity is what makes Jen amazing.” – Keira Martin, International Dancer/Choreographer




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