An Introduction to Dancers – September 2018

imagesThe dancers’ body is a finely tuned instrument; versatile in style & technique – and ready to attempt any range of motion required by the choreographer. 

In this workshop you will gain visual and practical understanding of the dancers body; how to approach injury with a dancer and an insight into treatment.

Facilitated by Jen Wren, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Meet the Dancers
  • Watch live demonstrations of dance techniques and movement phrases
  • Explore the dynamics and mechanics of the dancer’s body
  • Consider what dancers look for when seeking a practitioner?

And learn: –

  • How to communicate with dancers – know their terminology
  • How to assess the dancers body
  • Understand movement function and dysfunction – and fascial assessment
  • Analyse posture in relation to movement
  • Explore flexibility, range of motion, postural alignment & use of breath in motion
  • Assessment and examination of the abdomen/hip flexor relationship
  • Treatment techniques for injuries and pathologies
  • Rehabilitation techniques
  • Aftercare and Exercise rehabilitation


Jenni Wren

About Jen Wren

Jenni has studied the mechanics of the dancers’ body in depth. This, alongside her personal knowledge of the dancers’ body – and associated injury – has led to her specialism in the mechanics, diagnostics, prevention, treatment & rehabilitation for dancers and athletes.

This workshop is a must for anyone who works with dancers and/or athletes – and who wants a deeper understanding of the complex issues around injury and treatment.

Workshop fee: £85
MTI rate: £70

Workshop duration: From 10am to 4pm. 

Venue: The Whittington Hospital Education Centre, Highgate, N19

Course material: CPD Certificate of Attendance, 6 hours

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