Reviews and Testimonials

Here are some comments and testimonials about the workshops and courses that Hands-On Training provides…

Energy and Energetic Intuition

“Jennie’s energy workshop was really good. Brilliant hands-on exploration of a fascinating area and refreshingly ‘un-woo’. But with enough ‘woo’ to be intriguing and with some surprising results…”

“Just wow. What an extraordinary session! High energy connection between the group. Came away with a lot to think about as picked up on energy from objects, played with pendulums and dousing rods – which behaved in curious ways. Very interesting. Thank you for putting this session on for people to try these things.”

“Amazing workshop! I’ve never undertaken this sort of workshop before it has made more curious and I will be looking for another workshop to attend”

“Eye opening. Surprising. Wanted longer…!

An Introduction to Massage

“I learnt so much more than I ever imagined I could in just one day!”…

“An excellent Taster – I really want to learn more”…

“Lots of hands-on learning”…

“Great to learn new techniques and processes…”

Massage in Hospitals and Hospices

“Great new massage experience and respect to course leader for being honest and up front about realities of hospice and hospital workings.”

“Very useful informative session certainly helped me make decisions/plans about this area of work.”

“A very honest and realistic appraisal of working in these environments. Not for the faint hearted!”

The Diploma Course Clinic Day with Guest Clients

Amazing – I felt really comfortable talking to [sic]. I could have discussed anything with her. Really pertinent questions but not intrusive…

The Masterclass Series

“A fantastic course, masterfully delivered with knowledge and humour.  Earle really knows his stuff!” 

“Great to have such a focussed workshop” 

“Good to make connections between theory and practice” 

“Enjoyed the hands-on learning and learning of new techniques” 

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