Massage in Hospitals and Hospices – spring 2018 tbc

Working in hospitals and hospices means, in general, working with the very sick and infirm, and the elderly – certainly with mobility, possibly with mental health, issues.

Therefore the massage provided is entirely different from standard deep tissue. There is nothing deep tissue about it. Take a look at my blog: Massage at The Royal Free

Being a fully qualified massage therapist may not always be a requirement, depending on the organisation – but it certainly helps.

This session, for either small groups or on a 1+1 basis, will give you a full grounding on what this type of massage involves, including:

  •       Medical protocols
  •       Managing the environment
  •       Managing the clients
  •       Client communication
  •       Your massage tool kit
  •       Contraindications to massage
  •       Which Oils to use
  •       Massage techniques for the elderly and infirm
  •       Massage in a hospital bed
  •       Massage in a chair or wheelchair
  •       Massage through compression stockings
  •       Massage with gloves
  •       Health and Safety

This workshop runs for 3 hours. Fee £45. £30 for MTI members

To book this workshop for yourself, your regional group or practice, please email Jennie: HERE

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