Safeguarding Standards

Safeguarding Standards – from process to practice!

  • Professional practice can present the therapist with a complex array of ethical, moral, legal and medical issues.
  • Most training programmes provide general guidance around professional practice. 
  • Practitioners work hard to develop their client base, use social media, and develop enterprising websites. 

Few practitioners are fully aware of the legal requirements concerning advertising standards and how best to accurately document and market the benefits of their therapy. We can ill afford to simply copy information without carefully reviewing the accuracy thereof.   

Practitioners need to ensure that appropriate safeguarding measures are in place ranging from client consent and accurate recording keeping to a review of their marketing and website information. 

This workshop will use an interactive practitioner led methodology to discuss, explain, debate and inform attendees about the legal and professional requirements regarding advertising standards and professional safeguarding.

This workshop runs for 4 hours

To book this workshop for your regional group or practice, please email Jennie: HERE


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