Energy and Energetic Intuition

a1273753525_chakra chain_w170_h170The receiving and giving of healing – the transfer of life-enhancing energy, through the healer to the recipient – is a gentle, nurturing experience intended to rejuvenate the balance and harmony of your mind, body and spirit. The effect of this positive energy is often relaxing and invigorating, resulting in constructive changes at one or more recognisable levels – emotional, mental, social and physical.

Healing can be received when lying or sitting in a calm and peaceful environment. It can be received in silence, whilst listening to music or whilst engaged in gentle conversation. To enhance the healing process, a broad spectrum of creative energy work is employed – including meditation, visualisations and psychological journeys; balancing of the chakras and the use of crystal therapy.

Facilitated by Jennie Parke Matheson, this workshop is designed to give you a good grounding in how energy works and a taster of the different elements involved, including:

  • The philosophy of Quantum Physics and the power of Healing
  • Practical application of Meditation and Energy Healing
  • Practical application of Intuitive Energies
  • The ideology of the chakras and crystal healing
  • The use of Energy Healing to help with personal relaxation

Workshop duration: 3-4 hours depending on the size of group.

Fee: £55. Reduced rate for MTI members: £45

To book for this workshop for your regional group or practice, please email Jennie: HERE

At the MTI Conference in April 2017

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