The Diploma Course in Holistic Massage – Full Syllabus

IMG_1306Earle Abrahamson teaching the skeletal system at Hands-On TrainingAn 11-month part-time course, delivered over
22 days (11 weekends) of intensive training.

The 2022 Course commences in the autumn tbc

The syllabus encompasses a balanced mix of theory and practice, including clinic days – plus a required emergency first aid course – combined with a programme of independent personal development.

Download the 2022 Prospectus here:  coming soon

If you are interested in enrolling on the course you will need to attend a Pre-Course Introduction & Taster DayFor further details, and to book, please click here: Taster Days

The Diploma Course Tutor led Syllabus

  • 22 on-site course days, which delivers 175 “contact” hours comprising:
  • 3 key Modules

                      The Principles of Massage Theory & Best Business Practice
                      The Principles of Massage Practice
                      Anatomy, Physiology & Pathology

  • 2 supervised Clinic Days
  • A required one-day Emergency First Aid certification course

The Personal Development Syllabus003A

  • To complete a fully documented 40 hours of “give” massage
  • To complete a fully documented 10 hours of “receive” massage
  • To complete a Professional Portfolio
  • Attendance at suggested external events

As a guideline, we would recommend you allow approximately 5-6 hours per week for self-study time and massage development practice. 

The Student Commitment

Each student is expected to:

  • attend a minimum of 85% of the 22 course days
  • to make up any missed time with 1+1 tutor sessions
  • to complete all personal development requirements

The course culminates with

  • a 3 hour written paper
  • a one hour practical assessment
  • the presentation of a Professional Portfolio containing the documented personal development syllabus
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