Massage in Schools

Jennie is a Massage in Schools Instructor, trained by Sylvie Hétu – the co-creator of The Massage in Schools Programme

Massage in Schools is a peer group programme designed for use in Primary School classrooms. Working class by class with children aged 7-11, teaching them appropriate touch skills through games and story telling; that leads to enhanced focus, better behaviour and peer respect.

The workshops are set up in agreement with the school Head, the staff and the parents – as written permissions must be gained at all times. An initial meeting is followed by a presentation and briefing to the school staff – and then to the parents.

Timings, dates and cost are agreed once a school has decided what level of involvement it wants – whether the full or reduced programme, or a one-off session.

If you are interested in an MISP course – or an individually tailored one-off event for your School, Playgroup or Kids Party – please contact Jennie on

If you are interested in terms of training to be an Instructor yourself, the Massage in Schools Association runs two-day training sessions once or twice a year. For further information, please look at their website: MISA




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