MTI CPD Taster workshops in 2017-18

Hands-On Training is hosting & presenting the London and Home Counties MTI CPD Taster workshops in 2017.


March 4th – An Introduction to Dancers
April 29th – Seated Massage
June 17th – Back-to back, Spinal workshop


January 13th 2018 – Sports Taping: understanding the strap line…

Anyone who has worked with athletes is familiar with the colourful sports tape. Kinesiological taping is purported to enhance athletic activity and treat musculoskeletal problems. 

How exactly does the tape work and is there evidence to support its use?  This workshop will present the principles and evidence behind the tape, explain how to apply it and then consider different applications for various musculoskeletal outcomes. These include, performance enhancement, power, and soft tissue overloading mechanisms. Although the tape is popular with athletic populations it can be applied to treat a range of clients and injuries.

During this workshop participants will have the opportunity to practise the techniques, including oedema control.  The focus will be on the  extremities with further applications on the back and torso. The workshops is open to practitioners and students and contains theory and practical input. 

The workshop fee includes a roll of tape…

  • For MTI members £30. To book, click on: TAPING
  • For non MTI members £60. To book, click: HERE





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