The 6 Masterclasses

“A fantastic course, masterfully delivered with knowledge and humour.  Earle really knows his stuff!” JP @ The Shoulder…

with Earle Abrahamson

Each Masterclass, set within an evidence based framework, considers the functional anatomy of the relevant anatomical region; relates anatomy to pathological conditions; explores injuries and traumatic events that impact the joint being studies – and analyses body posture and postural defects in relation to the joint bio-mechanics, movement patterns and movement restrictions. The participant learns to apply theory to practice; develops problem solving and clinical reasoning skills; engages with reflective practices – and develops new and different soft tissue skills to actively aid movement and treat movement dysfunctions.

Each Masterclass has an excellent blend of theory and practice and is open to practitioners and students who wish to explore their practice; develop new practices; widen their knowledge base; understand bio-mechanics and movement patterns; explore myotomes, dermatomes and neurological testing – and become more competent in clinical practice.

Each Class covers the following learning content:

1. Full functional anatomy of the joint
2. Pathological conditions, injuries and traumatic events
3. Joint mechanics and movement patterns
4. Neurological testing
5. Postural assessment – including muscle testing, range of movement, myotomes, dermatomes
6. Active release techniques and movement as medicine practicals
7. Aftercare advice and motability rehabilitation

Your investment for each masterclass is £145, with a £100 deposit to secure your place.

The balance for each class must be paid a minimum of a week prior to the class.

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    Shoulder: - 7th November
    Hand, Wrist & Elbow: - 13th March
    Ankle & Foot: - 10th April
    Knee: - 8th May
    Hip & Groin: - 4th June
    Vertebral Column & Neck: - 19th November

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